This chart is as simple as equity investing gets, it is a line of the rise of the FTSE100 over 15 years. Both lines are the FTSE100.

Obviously you would always want to be in the red line, not the blue. That’s what we do for clients, we keep you in the red and out of the blue. Find out more, email us at, or call on 0207 440 6250.

The money you’ve saved is too important not to be sure about how its invested, and you won’t sleep easy unless you’re secure in what to expect.


Here’s another blue & red chart

This one, however, only has the FTSE in blue, the red line is our core investment trust portfolio. Now the returns of the past may not be reliable indicators of future profits – that would be crystal ball gazing – however a bit of diversification and a lot of research helps to narrow down the planned outcomes quite a lot. Over the last fifteen years the portfolio we researched and put together produced over 75% more gain.


As specialists focused on predictable investments, we actually focus more on regular returns than overall gain over many years. The bar chart below shows exactly the same information as above but it shows the returns silo’d by each calendar year. It shows that in 11 out of the 15 years the investment trusts beat the FTSE100, that’s a 73% hit record, which we think is really quite good.


Remember, the investments we are discussing here are not guaranteed, if you do need to guarantee either your capital or your income just let us know and we will create an income portfolio is guaranteed assets for you. The main investments we have demonstrated here will rise and fall in line with the markets, and, technically you could lose all of your money (although BP, Shell, BT, Unilever, Vodafone etc would all have to go bust for that to happen).

Beware of Behaviour: the biggest risk for most retail investors is selling out of an investment for emotional reasons and crystallising a loss in doing so. The markets will fall, they are supposed to, if your reaction to a fall would be to sell then the stockmarket is probably not to be a restful home for your money.

Dividend income can be cut or cancelled altogether, and dividend income is in way guaranteed.

If your investments are not producing decent returns, if you don’t know what you’re invested in or just how the investment is supposed to make money for you when markets go up and down, perhaps you’re not quite reassured by your adviser, give us a call on 0207 440 6250, or email us at

Your money is too valuable to be investing on a wish and a prayer, don’t accept mediocrity.