“At last! Financial advisers  who, with no condescension, take the time to explain the bits about investment, return and risk, that I don’t understand (quite a lot…);  don’t make me feel like an idiot for asking lots of questions and provide answers that clarify things sufficiently for me to make my choices.

Having never had money to invest before, and unlikely to amass  more in the future, I wanted  advisers I could trust absolutely to take an effective but secure approach to providing an income for the long and active retirement I am planning. Having now been with Master Adviser, and retired, for five years, it’s all going swimmingly. Thank you!”          

M.C., Somerset.

"Several generations of our family have been clients of Doug’s for over 28 years now and during that time we have worked on both running my investments and managing my pensions - purpose has always been to ensure I am well positioned to enjoy a stress-free retirement whenever I eventually choose to stop working.

The confidence their method gives to me comes from being able to see how the income is built for the future, and also ensuring I have accurate and realistic expectations of what our family money will do, and how it will behave as the markets move up and down.

I think one of the key values we have found is that the people are easy to talk to and, importantly, easy to understand. It’s clearly all very personal to them, which is what we want. The team offers to us simple and effective investment strategies focussing on capital accumulation and income generation over the long term; like all good firms their regular investment updates are insightful, demonstrably supported by thorough research, a notable plus however is their pragmatic and simple interpretation of what it all means – that’s what helps me.

Did I mention they keep it simple?"

W, Buckinghamshire.

"We came to Doug & his team following an inheritance and have been clients for more than 10 years now.

I had been aware of Doug from the industry press. The herd tended to sell complexity - instead he spoke about aims and outcomes and ways to achieve them simply. I liked this no-nonsense approach.

Working with us, Doug and his team focused on our goals and attitude to risk - and developed a plan and portfolio that would generate the income we required when we required it. We review both regularly, for performance and relevance.

Their approach focuses on dividend reinvestment rather than simply chasing maximum asset value.  Reinvestment has reduced the worry of having sizeable assets that fluctuate with the market - and we are relaxed."

Y & T, Edinburgh.